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Maksymiuk. Koncert na dwoje

Directed by: Tomasz Drozdowicz

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Movie poster Maksymiuk. Koncert na dwoje
Original title: Maksymiuk. Koncert na dwoje
Runtime: 75 min.
Production: Polska , 2018
Category: documentary
Release Date: 12 April 2019
Distribution: Mayfly

Directed by: Tomasz Drozdowicz
Cast: Jerzy Maksymiuk, Ewa Maksymiuk

The conductor Jerzy Maksymiuk and his wife Ewa create a special relationship. The charismatic maestro, successful in the world of music, in everyday life seems to be completely helpless and lost without the help of his wife, who supports him in everyday simplest activities and makes many decisions for him. The camera accompanies the artist while working with outstanding musicians and orchestras, and also shows the fascinating world of a genius artist absorbed to the limits of madness by the scores.

The film is made in Poland, England, Scotland and France. He shows the conductor while working with outstanding musicians and orchestras as well as in the process of composing music. Together with the protagonist, we will take a surprising journey in search of basic definitions: what music is and what it's like. We will also get to know the artist from the private side. This second portrait, full of colorful episodes, minor weaknesses, and obsessions. An equal film character is Jerzy's wife - Ewa Piasecka, a person who, without sharing his gift with the musician, is absolutely essential to him as a condition of creation and duration. The film is a story of love, great passion, talent and an even greater price paid for this talent.

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