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25 lat niewinności. Sprawa Tomka Komendy

"25 years of innocence. Tomek Komenda's Case ”- Jan Holoubek's directorial debut - is a moving sensational drama based on real events that lived in the whole of Poland. It is a fictional story about the... more about movie

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18 September 2020

25 lat niewinności. Sprawa Tomka Komendy
Directed by: Jan Holoubek
Cast: Piotr Trojan, Agata Kulesza, Jan Frycz

"25 years of innocence. Tomek Komenda's Case ”- Jan Holoubek's directorial debut - is a moving sensational drama based on real events that lived in the whole of Poland. It is a fictional story about the... more

God of the Piano
Directed by: Itay Tal
Cast: Naama Preis, Andy Levi, Ze'ev Shimshoni


Daman Akeseo Goohasoseo
Directed by: Won-Chan Hong
Cast: Jung-min Hwang, Jung-jae Lee, Jung-min Park


Directed by: Marek Lechki
Cast: Magdalena Popławska, Piotr Żurawski, Tomasz Sapryk


Le bonheur des uns...
Directed by: Daniel Cohen
Cast: Vincent Cassel, Berenice Bejo, Florence Foresti


11 September 2020

After We Collided
Directed by: Roger Kumble
Cast: Josephine Langford, Hero Fiennes Tiffin, Louise Lombard

Film adaptation of the second volume of the best-selling novel series by Anna Todd.

The relationship of two young lovers becomes even more complicated and even more passionate.

Does the love born... more

Directed by: Csaba M. Kiss, Gabor Rohonyi
Cast: Erik Lakatos, Barnabas Bergendi, Daniel Viktor Nagy
Category: adventure / comedy / romance

A small Hungarian town. The mayor for the first time in history invites a team of players of gypsy origin to participate in the football tournament. The main prize in the competition is a trip to Rio de... more

Directed by: Pablo Larrain
Cast: Mariana Di Girolamo, Gael Garcia Bernal, Santiago Cabrera

The best film for a hot summer. Shown in the main competition of the Venice festival, Ema Pablo Larraín (Jackie, Silver Bear behind El Club) is a film rollercoaster with the magnetic Mariana Di Girolamo... more

Directed by: Niki Caro
Cast: Yifei Liu, Donnie Yen, Jet Li

Hua Mulan, the eldest daughter of a successful warrior, decides to secretly go to war instead of her sick father. Disguised as a man, he must find his inner strength and use his full potential to face... more

La fameuse invasion des ours en Sicile
Directed by: Lorenzo Mattotti
Cast: Leila Bekhti, Thomas Bidegain, Jean-Claude Carrière

The bears set off from the mountains to the city in search of their ruler's lost son. People are getting ready to fight against, in their opinion, dangerous beasts. Are these two worlds compatible with... more

4 September 2020

The County
Directed by: Grimur Hakonarson
Cast: Arndis Hronn Egilsdottir, Sveinn Olafur Gunnarsson, Borsteinn Bachmann

"Far From Reykjavík", a new film by the creator of the blockbuster movie "Rams. An Icelandic Tale ”unfolds again in the stunning landscapes of Iceland. This engaging comedy-drama revolves around rural... more

Rossz versek
Directed by: Gabor Reisz
Cast: Gabor Reisz, Katica Nagy, Zsolt Kovacs

The life of Tamás, 33, turns upside down in an instant. He is thrown by a girl, as a result of which a desperate man decides to change Paris into his native Budapest.

Returning to regions well known... more

Directed by: Patryk Vega

An apparent coincidence connects the fate of the policeman Daniel (Antoni Królikowski) and two twin brothers from Ukraine. Thanks to the information obtained from Zenia and Alex and their contacts with... more

Directed by: Dorte Bengtson
Cast: Sidse Babett Knudsen, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Bodil Jorgensen

Little Vitello is raised by his mother who tells him nothing about his absent father, so the boy creates his own image of his dream father. Meanwhile, his stepfather appears at the house. Will Vitello... more

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